The best decisions derive from asking the right questions.

Our design/build approach encourages open communication and strong design, concurrent with thoughtful construction strategies. Through meaningful conversations and efficient planning, Edit Design Build Studio will develop a detailed and comprehensive plan for your project from inception to completion.

Complimentary Consultation

A visit to your home is our first meaningful step. It’s an opportunity for you to meet both partners, and for us to meet you. This initial meeting typically takes one to two hours, and it’s your first chance to openly discuss your remodeling ideas and your budget. As we gain some familiarity with your space(s) and insights about your goals, it’s also a chance for us to offer some initial design feedback.

Our hope at this meeting is to help you take the first step in understanding what might be possible in your home. We will begin to discuss how we integrate your renovation desires into your existing home, your desired timeline, and your budget. Our primary goal at this visit is to get to know one another a bit, and for us to offer you some useful feedback.

Design & Planning

The next step in our design/build planning process is the Design Agreement phase. During this process we partner with you to create a comprehensive design that specifies details, scope and budget. Sometimes this process takes one pass, and other times it takes several iterations. Our commitment to you is to get it right well before we begin construction.

This process involves measuring and drawing your existing home; completing a series of collaborative design meetings; carefully monitoring your budget; and editing designs to achieve final design drawings and specifications. During this process we also assemble our team of trade partners and suppliers who will work with us throughout your project. Once the design specifications and scope are fully defined, we create an in-depth proposal for your final review and approval.

Construction Agreement

After the design and project planning process is completed to your satisfaction, your Construction Agreement will be created. This agreement includes approved and finalized design plans, production and payment schedules, and a complete list of your project’s specifications and selections.


Before we start construction, we take great care to protect your home. Construction is messy, and we know it can be stressful. We also know that thorough communication and regular updates will help minimize any concerns that you might have. For the duration of the construction we will keep you up-to-date with weekly progress reports to help you feel safe and comfortable throughout the construction process.

Edit Design Build Studio is a passionate team committed to delivering your vision within a practical and responsible approach. With over 25 years of combined experience in architecture, design, project planning, building and construction, it is our goal to exceed your expectations.

If you are considering a project and are interested in exploring it's feasibility—without any commitment to construction—we offer several options.

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